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WELCOME: The Partners at McCRADY | HESS personally welcome you. We encourage you to take a tour of our site and find out more about our firm and the accounting & tax services we provide. Here you’ll also find helpful resources, you’ll have an opportunity to get to know our Partners, follow blogs on current trends & analysis and other useful tools. We are easy to find, so be sure to visit our contact page where you’ll see how to reach us by phone, fax, and email or easily send your comments & questions right through our site. You are always welcome to call, click or come by our office anytime. Continue reading…

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Crandall Consulting services works with a number of audit and accounting professionals as well as other tax preparers and financial firms. It is our strong opinion that McCRADY | HESS CPAs has managed to clearly define and brand their organization in a unique manner. They offer truly professional services in a way that also demonstrates not only strong attention to detail, but also very strong interpersonal skills. This unique blend of professionalism and easy to deal with and friendly people, sets them apart, and raises the bar for their industry.” – Jeff Crandall – President of Crandall Consulting